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History of R.J. Murray High School


Who was Mr. Murray?

Mr. Murray, or Richard Jerome Murray was a former black educator. Murray was born in South Jacksonville. He became a teacher in the 1920s, quickly become a principal at many schools. Richard Jerome Murray ended up having this school named after him in 1954. His stint lasted until 1968 when he retired. Mr. Murray passed away in 1989.

Greg White Sr.

Mr. Murray is about five foot six, he's got a baritone voice, and had memory like an encyclopedia. You gave him your name one time, and out of all the students in this Murray High School, he remembered it... 

Thomas Ford Sr.

Mr. Murray was very strict, very intelligent, and well respected. I think he was a great principal.

Mr. Murray with Students

Mr. Murray was well-respected among his students. He was an amazing leader with a great voice. He also had a great memory that he used in his leadership to gain most students respect. He was also a firm and encouraging man who led many students to do great things in their lives.

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